Expected results

Our goal

The construction of a global database on fire metrics and controlling factors of fire will make it possible to run different statistical and machine-learning techniques that should be able to identify the main drivers of fire occurrence (density, persistence and intensity). Determination of factors associated to particularly catastrophic events will help managing large crisis, which unfortunately occur more often lately as a result of climate change impacts.

Expected results

Results of this project will benefit fire risk assessment, to reduce the negative impacts of fire, to improve the legal dispositions to prevent those negatives impacts, the consideration of the human component in global dynamic vegetation models, and the estimation of near future trends.

Anthropofire has close links with the Global Wildfire Information System, currently led by the Joint Research Centre under the umbrella of the GEO initiative. The developments of our project will directly feed the current factors included in the system, extending the current uses of the system to other applications and other countries. Since the GWIS office has extended contacts with both scientists and managers of many different countries, the results of our project can have a high international impact.

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